Did you just install Windows XP Service pack 2 and your ebooks stopped working?

You thought installing Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 was going to make your life easier. Then you realized most of your favorite ebooks stopped working. Or if you are selling ebooks you just noticed you started receiving complaints that your ebooks are not working.
I have designed the first software to fix this. You are not going to find this anywhere else on the internet.

Are you having problems that look like this?

or like this?

Ebook Messiah will fix it with the push of a button

Ebook Messiah Screenshot!

How it works
  Just download the program, double click to start :) and... Push the button. I mean push the one of the Only two buttons in the program. (Look at the picture). That's it! try your ebooks again! They should work. To restore your system to its previous state just press Restore.
Click the button below to pay via paypal. You will receive your item to your paypal email moments after payment. **Note:This version cannot be resold! see below for more options

License to Resell or Giveaway Ebook Messiah!

Distribution of Ebook Messiah without a license is strictly prohibited. If you want to become a reseller you must purchase a reseller's license. This will allow you to distribute copies of Ebook Messiah to your customers or even sell some copies and earn your money back as many times as you wish. Passing the resell rights to others is not allowed under this license.

So to make clear what you get:
-The right to give away a copy of ebook Messiah for free
-The right to sell Ebook Messiah and keep 100% of the profits

How much does it cost?
Resell Rights to Ebook Messiah will cost you a one time low payment of $67. (That means once you sell 4 copies you will make your $67 back PLUS $12.80 profit. If you sell more, that is fine with me!)
Click below to order

Do you want a customized re-programmed version of this software?

If you are a fellow ebook seller and you want to send to your customers a copy of this program for free (or at a small fee), I have a ONE TIME LIMITED offer just for you. I will issue 15 only redistributable customized versions of my software. I will personally recompile my code to personalize the program in a way YOU want to. Let' s say you want to include links to your site or any other piece of information, I will do it. Or if you want to change the color or add any pictures, I will do it. Feel free to contact me at: sales@mydigitaldispatch.com for additional info.

This is a one time ONLY chance and only 15 of these will be issued. Do you know how many people have a problem with their ebooks today? The millions that have installed SP2 on their windows XP system. If you can have 1/15 of those millions to use your little simple application, and then redirect them to your website to sell them something, how much do you think you will make? Can you see the opportunity?

You have to rush before microsoft issues a fix and miss out. I will only sell 15 (fifteen) of these licenses. Distribution without a license is strictly prohibited.

You are not going to pay tens of thousands of dollars for programming and custom development fees. You are not even going to pay $5000 or even $2000. The price I am asking for this is a one time low investment of $999. If you can see the opportunity, you know this amount insignificant comparing to the benefits. You also get permission to pass the redistribution rights to your customers for YOUR customized copy of Ebook Messiah That will make your copy totally viral!

14/15 Remaining (Offer has been posted October 27/ 2004)

P.S Should you need more information or to see if a customization can be done, feel free to contact me: sales@mydigitaldispatch.com

P.P.S This is my promise: Once I sell all 15 of these, I will NEVER sell a single additional license. No matter what or how much. You will be one among the only 15 (16 including myself) people allowed to giveaway or resell this software. If you want to resell my original un customized copy please send me an email.

Partner to your success,
Socrates Socratous - Inventor and Author