Integrate Your Paypal Accounts with Multiple Scripts With This Simple Tool


If you want to know how to get around the paypal limitation and easily integrate your paypal account with more than one scripts (such as an affiliate program with a shopping cart) then this will be the most important webpage you have seen about your business...

Let me explain why: My name is Socrates and I am an internet marketer. I have been doing business online since 2000 and sold tens of thousands of products. Over the years I have developed tools that help other internet marketers automate their business.

One of the tools that I developed is a digital delivery system that works with paypal and automatically delivers any digital product sold on eBay or any other website. This tool has been an instant favorite among top internet marketers and ebay powersellers. In fact the tool is responsible for creating many new powersellers by allowing them to list thousands of digital product auctions on ebay without having to worry about shipping anything or even emailing links after the auction. It literally put their whole ebay businesses on autopilot.

After selling a whole bunch of this system, I started getting quite a few requests for a feature that I later found to be one of the most important and powerful solutions for online sellers. This feature is a new tool by itself...

This tool is guaranteed to boost your business if you are using Paypal

The way paypal works with third party systems is quite simple but very powerful.
When someone purchases a product using paypal as a payment method, paypal will send a signal (IPN) with all the transaction information to the seller's website. Then the seller's system will take that information and do something with it.

That can be crediting a commission to an affiliate
That can be dispatching an ebook instantly to the buyer via email
That can be adding the buyer to an autoresponder series
That can be creating a member's account on the seller's website for that buyer

and many many more...
(if you think about it, it can be done using the information sent by paypal)

However, that is a HUGE limitation to this powerful feature

Paypal can only send the Signal (Instant Payment Notification - IPN) to ONLY ONE place.

This means that it can only be sent to your affiliate program system but not to your digital delivery system.

It means that it will send the IPN to your autoresponder system but not your membership system.

What really means to you, is that you can either hire some top notch programmer to do some kind of "hot wiring" to your website or you will not be able to use more than one tools at the same time. That means every time an upgrade (or a security fix) is released for the systems that you use, you will need to pay the programmer again to do his "Mickey Mouse" stuff to your site, in order for it to work like you want to.

That's a bummer!

If you have a shopping cart but you are not able to add an affiliate system to it, and leverage the power of other people to boost your sales through the roof, just because paypal has a limitation, then it's like allowing paypal to tell you how to run your business...

Lets say you sell an ebook...

You use MyDigitalDispatch to automatically send the ebook to you buyer after the purchase.
(That means paypal will send the signal to MyDigitalDispatch)

If you wanted to have an affiliate program and get other people to promote your ebook, you woudnt be able to do it. (unless you got that programmer to hot wire your website)

So, how are we able to use all the tools we need in order to maximize our business without this limitation being an issue?

We need a way to send the IPN signal to any script (system) we want to.

But how?
Paypal has only ONE slot we can use to enter the URL of only ONE system.

Wait until I tell you what I came up with... It's absolutely perfect!

I developed and secretely tested a brand new system that is both extremely easy to use but so flexible that will work with almost any business configuration out there that uses paypal as the payment method.

After you put this powerful tool on your website, you can set it up to do:

It can send the IPN signals to ANY scripts that works with paypal's IPN. It can send the IPN of ONE transaction to as many scripts as you want. That means you can use your affiliate program and your shopping cart at the same time, without any costly custom programming.

It can send the IPN signals of more than one paypal accounts to more than one systems. This means that you can use your affiliate program and shopping cart with more than one paypal accounts. In other words, you dont need multiple copies of this tool to integrate your whole business.

It can selectively send IPN signals to different scripts based on which email address you received a payment. Paypal allows you to accept payment to up to 8 email addresses with the same paypal account. But no matter which email you received the payment, paypal will send the IPN to the same URL. Not any more.
If you have 2 websites selling 2 different things, you may want to keep them separately. For example, when you receive a payment to: you want the IPN signal to go to that website's affiliate program and when you receive a payment to you want the IPN signal to go to your other website's affiliate program.


Advanced IPN system will work with any script that uses the IPN feature in your paypal account.

In other words, if the script you want use with our tool, requires you to add a URL in your paypal account, then it will work with Advanced IPN

Yes Socrates, Send me the Advanced IPN system to my email right now.

I understand that I can get this sent to my email address immediately after payment anytime, Even if it is 3:00 in the morning.

$47 Only

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Partners to Your Success,
Socrates Socratous


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